Sculpting Faces with Missy Sheldrake

OOAK Artist Missy Sheldrake:

Above is a video showing how Missy Sheldrake sculpts a doll head.  It appears to be part one and I didn’t see any part two, but I believe that Missy has classes occasionally and you might be able to find something about her classes at her Etsy Shop which is called FairyDawn.


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More OOAK Dolls by Amanda Day

More Inspiration by Artist Amanda Day:



Look at this adorable mermaid  It looks like the baby has a crown that is made from a tiny shell with a row of pearls.  And the tail looks like cellophane or something shiny with the tiniest of beads.  She is snuggled into a seashell that has some sea glass in it.  Just adorable.


Look at this one — not exactly a merbaby.  She is modeled after a gold fish.  I love the flipper and the tail is adorable too.  She too is crowned with a shell with pearls and you can see the tiny bits of sea glass behind her in the shell.  This is so cute.


Here is a tiny baby entitled “Dreamtime” where she is curled up in a tiny crib with flowers and florals around the crib.  You can see from the closeup how perfect her little face is.


And above is a portrait doll by Amanda.  Really adorable and it looks EXACTLY like the picture.  Sculpting an open mouth is not for the fainthearted, believe me.  Hers is perfect and if you look closely, you can see the tiny teeth coming in!

Amanda Day is a master artist.  I get so inspired when I see her work!


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Sculpting Technique – How to Add Veins to Muscles

How to Add veins to muscles on men dolls:
veins-in-armsI came across this pictorial on how to add veins to muscles.  These are the types of details that you see on master doll artists ooak dolls.  It always looks so complicated when I see it, but this pictorial shows that it’s not really that hard, or let me rephrase that, it doesn’t look that hard!

polymer clay fan tutorials



To see this tutorial and others, visit the PolymerClayFan Free Sculpting Tutorials Website.


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Artist Links – Tips, Tricks, Info and More

Great Links for Any Artist and/or Business Owner:










I found these great links for artists and business owners and there are some other links that fall into several other categories too.  This page would make a great coffee break website where you can click from one to the other to discover some tips and tricks and organized information of all kinds.  I love these types of website.

I took these two screen shots just to give you an idea of some of the topics that are covered with the links.




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OOAK Dolls – Various Artists

In surfing the internet today, I found a few really inspirational ooak art dolls that I wanted to share.

kerri-alice-dollThis first one is a Kerri Alice Doll — I believe this is the name of the artist.  It appears to be an interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.  I cannot tell how big the doll is and that is because the doll is in perfect scale.  She could be 8 inches or she could be 20 inches.  I think she is taller than 8 inches just by the look of the details on the stockings and the shoes.

Her hair is stunning and her dress is unbelievable.  She has a full skirt and yet you cannot detect any “bulk” in the skirt.  The tattered hem goes well with the theme.

And what can I say about the hat?  The whole vignette is adorable and gorgeous at the same time.


And above is a beautiful ooak art doll by Nicole West, which is a master artist and has been for many years.  Her dolls are exquisite and get better and better every year.  If I didn’t see the hand holding this doll, you could easily think it was a human in costume.  The realism is not to be believed.

If you want to see a list of ooak doll artists and samples of their work, click here and you can take a few minutes to see the many dolls listed on this list and get inspired.


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