Selling Dolls – Tips on Inventory


I get a lot of emails asking about how to sell dolls once you begin to make them.  I decided to start a series of blog pots under the category of Selling Dolls so I can share whatever tips I have gathered along the way with all of my students.

When you are beginning to sculpt, each project is a “new creation”.  When you begin to sell your dolls, it is necessary to think about a “signature line of dolls”.  If you will be displaying your dolls in an art show or even in a museum, you want your work to have it’s own look.  You want your dolls to  have “family traits” that collectors will come to associate with your name.

The picture above is an example of a signature line of dolls that even a beginner can understand.  If you think about how only one doll would like, it would look like a simple one of a kind doll.  However, when you see what the artist has done in creating this “line of dolls”, you can see the power of a “signature line” of dolls.

Having many dolls side by side, all different, but all the same style is an art presentation by itself.  Once you find your own style of doll making, whether it is fantasy, cute, realistic, miniature, etc., start to create a “line of dolls”.

If you search the internet and look at the work of the famous doll makers, you will see how recognizable their dolls are.  Study the collections and see if you can pick out the areas where they have established their style.

These dolls are made by an artist by the name of Antonella.  This is a perfect example for beginners to aim for.  Even with limited detail in her sculpting, the dolls can and do stand on their own as art pieces.

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Video Tutorial on Sculpting Hands & Feet by Sugar Charm Shop

How to Sculpt Miniature Doll Hands and Feet by Sugar Charm Shop:

Above is a video that is geared for beginners on how to make a miniature doll, specifically how to sculpt the hands and feet.  This is a great video because it is “straight to the point”.  She uses the same technique of sculpting hands that I teach, so it’s another example of the techniques covered in my video Sculpting Fairies Dolls in Polymer Clay. The feet are sculpted the same as I teach in my videos too, so this is another easy video that is geared for beginners. The video is by one of my favorite YouTube Artists, Sugar Charm Shop, and you can check out all of her videos here.

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Soft Dolls with Polymer Faces


No Nap Time has a blog posting showing many different examples of soft dolls with polymer clay faces, hands/paws and feet.  Some are made from cloth, some fur and others are crocheted.  You can see it here.

Once you see the blog post and check out the video that is posted there too, your creative juices will start flowing.

I especially like the critter featured in the above pictures.  I think the faces, hands and fur look great together.  You can see the different shadings and shapes and how much personality the artist gave to the critter.


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Sculpting an Open Mouth with MadSculptor

Sculpting an Open Mouth with MadSculptor:

Mad Sculptor

Skull With Open Mouth

I found this Sculpting Pictorial by Madsculptor and am posting it here. If anyone wants to know how to sculpt an open mouth and teeth, this is a good pictorial that shows exactly how Mark Dennis does it. If you are new to sculpting dolls and want to take a crack at sculpting a head with an open mouth, if you open this pictorial and follow it, you will probably have pretty good results.

Mark makes it look easy. My guess is that there is a little more sculpting and smoothing between the pictures, but this is a great teaching pictorial.
Click here to check it out!

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Baby Mermaid by JoyzanzCreations of Etsy

Baby Mermaid Doll by JoyzanzCreations on Etsy:

Baby Mermaid

Now this is a gorgeous Baby Mermaid.  I love the tail; if you look closely at the top of the tail, the detail in the clay is perfect.  I am not sure how Joyzanz did the bottom of the tail, but it looks real.  It’s beautiful.

The shading on the baby’s face is done so well, the doll looks almost real.

Check out JoyzanzCreations on Etsy:

If you want to check out Joyzanz’ Etsy Shop, click here.  

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Polymer Clay Owl Necklaces by Purpura Allergica

Beautiful Polymer Clay Owl Necklaces by Purpura Allergica on Etsy:

Owl Necklaces in Polymer Clay

I love these necklaces by Purpura Allergica.  I saw them posted on someone’s board on Pinterest, but when I clicked on them they went to Etsy and said they were no longer available.  But they didn’t say who made them.

The original post to Pinterest gave the name Purpura Allergica.  Maybe someone who knows the artist can post who it is.  I would love to see his/her other work.

Simplicity is My Favorite:

I absolutely love simple things that pack a great big designer punch and these necklaces are a perfect example.  They are so simple in their design, but at the same time, they work because of the scale, the texture and the combination of colors.  They are adorable with only a splash of whimsical.  This is a delicate formula.

Sometimes things/objects are a little too cute.  Others are so whimsical, they crash over into “just plain weird”.  But this art necklace is perfect, in my humble opinion.  They are adorable without being too cute and they are just whimsical enough.

Beautiful design.  I only wish I could find some of the artists other work.

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New Craft Product – Faux Bonsai!

Learn to Make Faux Bonsai:

White Gothic Studios has released a new product called Faux Bonsai Starter Kit.  This kit comes with most of the components needed to make beautiful faux bonsai trees using tiny silk flowers, pony beads, or glass beads.

It’s Fun and Easy:

It requires a series of steps, none of them are difficult, and in the end, you have a stunningly beautiful faux bonsai tree.  These trees can easily be translated to be used in Fairy Gardens but are beautiful enough to stand on their own.

Faux Bonsai Ebook:

faux bonsai ebookYou can purchase the Ebook which has a written course, which can be printed in full or in part, as well as many video snippets that show you in real time how to do the simple techniques.  If you are a visual learner, this is a perfect way to learn the process very easily and very quickly.

 Available in Kit Form:

Don’t waste any time on a scavenger hunt looking for all of the components needed.  You can purchase the kit and the only things you will need aside from the kit will be small paintbrushes, and light-colored yarn or string, and a paper cup to mix up your barking material.


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Toothpick Dolls? Who Thinks These Projects Up? Brilliant

Toothpick Dolls by Emily Bishop:

If you want to see “clever”, you need to check out Emily Bishop’s Toothpick Dolls.  She makes them with toothpicks, embroidery thread and glue.  She has a lot of patience and is one of these artists that can do tiny, tiny, tedious work that comes out unbelievable in the end.

Emily has done a How To Series on YouTube, and I have posted all four parts below for anyone who wants to see a master crafter at work.

If you want to visit Emily’s YouTube Channel, you can click here.  Is you want to see her whole Toothpick Doll Project, all four videos are posted below:

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Fairy-Necklace by Katalin Handmade


I love this Jewelry Art Piece by Katalin Handmade.  Although there is little detail in the fairies face, the whole piece works beautifully.  If ever there was an example of “less detail” being more, this is it.

This piece should be in a gallery, in a glass case and a spotlight.  It is exquisite.

I found this piece on the Devian Art website, and specifically on Katalin Handmade’s page.  You can see this necklace and some of her other works here.

I would love to see a tutorial on this.  If anyone knows of any polymer clay tutorials on this type of art jewelry, please post so we can all check it out.

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Cold Porcelain Sculpting Projects on Pinterest

Multiple Cold Porcelain Sculpting Projects on One Board from Pinterest:
Cold Porcelain Sculpting Tile on Pinterest

I came across this gem while roaming around Pinterest. This board probably took months and months to put together. It has lots of projects from all over the internet and from all over Pinterest.

For anyone who might be new to Cold Porcelain, it is an alternative to polymer clay. You make it at home. There are many, many recipes on the internet and they make beautiful items.

Sit down with a cup of coffee and explore just this one board and you will be amazed as how much inspiration starts to bubble up!

Post any projects you do on the blog so we can all share in them.

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