Know How to Write and Publish an EBook?

Thinking of Writing an Ebook but Don’t Know Where to Begin?

how to write and publish an eBook on Amazon.comI have written an eBook on teaching how to write an eBook specifically for uploading to within the KDP Program, which is the way all eBooks enter the Amazon kindle store and in general.

Although it turns out to be fairly easy, it is only easy if you know how to do it. After experiencing frustration and major setbacks while writing my first 3 eBooks, I have compiled the proper procedures for the whole process, laid it out chronologically, with over 15 video snippets that you can watch if you are a little “computer challenged”. Even if you cannot type, or don’t like to type, there is a way for you to publish your own eBook!

Over 15 Supporting Videos:

While writing the eBook, I also filmed over 15 of the procedures, including how to set up
the Microsoft Word document so you can upload a book with text, pictures and links! The eBook turns into a reference book once you finish reading it as the table of contents and the video snippets list will help you zero in on the exact area you need help with and you can easily over-step any obstacle in your way!

Have a look at the Video List on YouTube:

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Doll Eyes using Polymer Clay and a Stylist

Doll Eyes using Polymer Clay and a Stylist:

Above is a video showing how to make doll eyes with polymer clay, a stylist and some paints.  It’s a very good tutorial for anyone who wants to try making the doll eyes on their own.


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OOAK Doll by VS Miller – Little Claudia Gracie!

Little Claudia Gracie – was purchased on November 9, 2012.
ooak doll by vs miller

Found this adorable little doll by Vera Susies Dollies.

“Little Claudia Gracie is a 7.5 inch ooak hand sculpted baby doll. She has a soft doe suede body, filled with glass beads and polyfil. Her gorgeous eyes are blue glass rimmed with tiny eyelashes. Her hair is a wig that was baked onto her head and can be combed and re arranged.”

“Her tiny features have been meticulously painted and blushed to bring realism to her. she ahs a personality that shines thru!”

“She comes with her dollie, her dress and diaper and socks with red ribbons and red hair ribbons. She has been signed and numbered. There is an artist’s certificate of authenticity .”

I would love to know how the wig was baked onto the doll’s head.  Does anyone have any ideas?


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How to Sculpt Anime Characters

animae sculpting pictorial

Here is a pictorial I came across showing in pretty good detail how to make these adorable anime character dolls.  I love this artwork and here is an actual sculpture of one.  When broken down into step-by-step, you can see how easy they are to make.  It is amazing how easy the face shape looks.  I haven’t tried it yet; it is probably one of those things that looks easy until you actually sit down and try it.

I believe using this technique, you can copy many of the anime artworks out there.

anime-doll-one anime-doll-three anime-doll-two

When looking at the simplicity of the sculpting techniques, I can envision how easy it would be to substitute the clay eyes with glass eyes, or hand-made eyes and doll hair.  It is the simplicity of the face shape and the tiny little nose and mouth that create the anime illusion.

If anyone tries this technique, please post your results.  I am hoping to have a little time to sculpt soon, and I would love to try this myself.


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OOAK Koi-Mermaid-by-Moonglue


Look at this gorgeous Koi Mermaid  This is another masterpiece I have found on the Deviantart website.  This one is by someone code-named Moonglue.

This is so beautiful and clever at the same time.  If you look firstly at the lilly pad stand that the Koi Mermaid is leaning on, I am assuming the artist made this out of polymer clay and it is subtle enough to not compete with the mermaid herself, and yet, if you look closely, it is very detailed with the veining and shape and subtle texture.

On the base is another matching flower that gently balances the sculpture and compliments the koi coloring that the artis has, I believe, Painted onto the tail section of the mermaid.

Her skin is beautifully shaded and blushed and the scale is perfect.  I cannot tell how she made the “fringy” tail, but it looks perfect with the rest of the sculpture.

I especially love the way her hands and back are posed.  Such gracefulness.

Her face is beautiful too.  Wonderful sculpture by Moonglue.




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Polymer Clay Beads on Sale on Facebook

polymer clay beads

I saw these beads on sale on Facebook, which are all made from polymer clay.  They are not the usual run of the mill designs.  It looks like this link goes to some interesting beading how to videos as well.  I see they have some homemade clay recipes that I am about to check out.

Be sure to check out these beads for sale.  If you want to purchase them for upcoming jewelry projects, or maybe you just want to get some inspiration.  Either way, it’s worth a look-see.  Here is a link to the page.


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OOAK Doll in Air Dry Clay – Project Explained

Artist Creo Boetiek Features Her Doll:

Above is a video where the artist, who is unnamed in the video or on the webpage I found this on, shows and explains the entire project on video.

This is a great video for beginner OOAK sculptors to watch because the artist explains and shows in detail the outfit, the hair, you can see the pose of the doll, and her setting.

Pay particular attention how the tree branch that the fairy doll is sitting on is painted white, but looks like a white “wash” instead of just painted one color.  It still maintains the look of a tree branch, but the wash helps it blend into the overall monotone look of the entire project.

She also has painted or washed the flowers and jewels at the base to also blend in with the monotone color of the presentation.

The Fairy doll is gorgeous.  She is made out of air dry clay and is impeccably sanded to look like porcelain.  If you would like to see Crea’s YouTube Channel, click here.

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Sculpting Faces Practice – Baby Fairy

Baby Fairy in Blanket with Bow

This little baby was selling for over $1,000 on Ebay.  This picture was posted on Pinterest and I tried and tried to find the artist who sculpted this masterpiece.  She looks real.  Look at the skin tone, the painting/blushing on this doll is unbelievable.

For those of you who are trying your hand at sculpting, this is a good inspirational picture to try your hand at sculpting this baby’s face.  It is a great project for beginners because you can focus on the features and the skin tone, and not be distracted by having to do the eyes, when opened, can attract all of the attention. can try from scratch or from the “baby fairy faces” that will give you a jump start.

These faces come with the baby fairy push mold or you can purchase them separately.


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Art Dolls by VicciNoel on DeviantArt

Art Dolls by Professional Doll Artist Vicci Noel:

This is but a sampling of Professional Doll Artist Vicci Noel’s work.  You can see a limited gallery of her work on DeviantArt here.

Art-Doll-Sugar-Skull Day-of-the-dead-art-doll

Alice-in-Wonderland Fairy-Art-Doll-Flapper

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Polymer Hungarian Folk Art Stamped Earrings

Polymer Hungarian Folk Art Stamped Earrings:

MoonSafariBeads at Etsy:

I spotted this embroidery patterned earrings on Pinterest, but it came originally from Etsy.  You can go to MoonSafariBeads at Etsy here, but as of this writing, she is “taking a break” so these earrings might not be available right now.

Apparently, the way she made them was by rolling out two big teardrop shapes, flattening them, and then using a rubber stamp to imprint the “hungarian folk art” pattern that you see.  They were later colored with teal either paints or chalks.  They look great.  This is one of those patterns that you can make up when you have an odd-colored dress or outfit and cannot find (or don’t have the shopping time) the right jewelry for.


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