Polymer Clay Jewelry – Orange Blossom Hair Pin Ornament

Orange Blossom Hair Pin Ornament:

This is another really sweet polymer clay hair ornament.  This made me think immediately of weddings and proms.  Having done hair for a time in my life,  knowing how to “decorate” the hair of a bride can be very challenging.  By making your own hair ornaments, you  can control the size, dimension and color of any hair ornament.  These would really dress up any updo and link the hair and dress in color.

This video is not in English and I cannot recognize what language it is, but you can watch Celidonia make the ornament in real time and know exactly what to do.  She even show the foil armatures she creates and uses in making and holding the intricate shapes.

Talking Rabbit

When the video opens, there is the most adorable talking rabbit.  I saw somewhere on the screen or under the video the mention of a website called http://www3.motionportrait.com/ where there is technology that will move any picture.

I haven’t taken the time to fully investigate this, but the little bunny that Celidonia has on her video is so cute, it would be worth the effort to find out how she does this.  It’s adorable.

Here is a link to Celidonia’s Studio:  Celidonia Studio

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Random Thoughts – Polymer Clay Creations

Has anyone else noticed that some pages that come up in the search engines inviting you to download things set off your antivirus alarms?  I know I have.

I have been able to capture a few pictures from some otherwise “dangerous pages” and I am posting them below.  I wasn’t able to get the artists names on most but they are meant to inspire you.  If you know who the artist is, please post in the comment section below so I can update the page.

Here are three adorable baby dolls, each one is adorable.  These are great examples for easy poses too.

These two I love because they are so different.  I love the cone hat on the baby to the left and the wings appear to be from cellophane or something like that.  The baby’s pose is very cuddly and cute.  And I love the handmade Troll doll, which was turned into a fairy with the wings and the antennas

Here are more adorable polymer clay creations.  The first picture, to the upper left, are sculptures of simple child dolls that are simple yet adorable.  The singing mouths and the smile flashing teeth makes the ensemble.

Next to the upper right is another simple polymer clay doll, but there is something about this one that I just was taken with.  I love her “curls” and her African American features.

The picture of the santas are another example of a series of ooak art pieces.  They are all different, but they are all recognizable in the same series.  I love the coloring is very “country” which is a very popular decor in the USA.

The last picture in this gallery is another example of these portrait dolls that I keep seeing popping up everywhere.  They are ade from photographs and there seems to be a “system” involved.  When I have time, I want to investigate whether this is some kind of new franchise that people can buy into because I have seen many people doing these dolls, but yet they all do seem to look very similar.

Above is another georgeous merbaby, the certer is a beautiful beaded necklace with polymer clay flower beads.  An my favorite is this adorable blue fairy.  I love her face and her expression and her antennas and wings.  Her pose is simple but relaxed.  It really works.

Well, I saved these pictures from corrupted pages, and I hope you enjoy them all.



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OOAK Tutorial by MorezMore

Learn to Sculpt a Baby With MoreZMore

morezmore-tutorialHere is another Pictorial that shows you how to sculpt your own baby fairy.  Many of the techniques are the same as I teach, but there are a few new ones.  Have a look to see how this artist does it.  She sculpts the most adorable baby faces.

MoreZMore photographs the entire process as he/she sculpts the babies to the left.  Not much is skipped, so if you are a beginner, this is a good tutorial to check out because you won’t find yourself lost between the steps.

I have posted a few photos below to give you an idea of the process you will be going through.

Like I said above, the tutorial is split into two sections, Part 1 and Part 2.

If you do a sculpt along with the tutorial, be sure to post your work below so we can all share in it.



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OOAK Artist Gallery Katalin Handmade

kaitalin-handmade ooak banner
Below are some pictures of Artist KatalinHandmade’s one of a kind doll designs.  Some are free standing art works, and others Katalin has sculpted into jewelry or wall hangings.  Katalin is from Poland and her work is wonderful.

Just a little note to beginner doll makers.  Pay particular attention to how Katalin’s unique style.  Een though each doll is different, there are certain things about each one that are the same:  The size, the faces, the shape of the arms/hands and the thickness of the curls.  This is what collectors look for, that particular unique style that each artist brings to the table.

If you would like to see more of Katalin’s work, here is a link to her page.


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OOAK Artist Gallery – BadHesterPrynne

Artist BadHesterPrynne OOAK Art Dolls:

Here are several one of a kind art dolls found on a flicker website under artist name BadHesterPrynne. They are hand made from polymer clay. One group is “happy” and the other group is quite “sad”. This is a great artist collection to study the difference in expression and how you and I can add emotions into the dolls faces. It’s all in the eyes, as they say.

It’s also all in the eyebrows and smile lines. It’s good to be able to take a few minutes and study the differences in the expressions. I have never taken on making a full set of teeth that can be seen when smiling. If I did, I wouldn’t even try without a few example photos just like these so I wouldn’t lose my way while sculpting.

badhesterprynne-headerIf you would like to see more from BadHesterPrynne, be sure to click here to go to his/her Flicker Account page.


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