Inspirational – Japanese Shironuri Subculture Trends

Tokyo Fashion Presents Minori in Shironuri:

Japanese Shironuri is a subculture in Japan similar to the Lolita, but a bit more creative. The exotic makeup and dress is both artistic and adorable. It is like a mix of gothic, lolita and 80’s punk. Minori is the most creative I have come across in doing a youtube and google search for “Japanese Shironuri”. I post it on my doll making blog because I can see this style easily translated into doll costuming.

If you would like to subscribe to Tokyo Fashions, the YouTube Channel is here.

To see more of Minori’s Fashion Shoot, click here.

Minori’s Webiste is here.

Below are some screen shots from the video and one from Minori’s website:


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Polymer Clay – Faux Wood – with Alina Sanina

This is a great video by Alina Sanina of Youtube. Alina demonstrates how to make a faux wood cane for jewelry making and/or pen making. Her techniques are simple and it’s a fun video to watch.

For those of you who would like to subscribe to Alina Sanina, here is a link to her YouTube channel.


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Monster High Doll House Tour with Super Buddies Forever

Displaying Dolls:

Whether you are a doll collector or a doll maker, displaying dolls can be kind of challenging except for the very creative people who can think up the best ideas for just about anything. ¬†You will see what one such creative family has done with mom’s Barbie collection and the daughter’s Monster High Doll Collection.

This room houses 40 rooms for the different Monster High Dolls and the Barbie Dolls are displayed on shelving in the same room.

This video will give you great ideas on how to display your own collections.

If you are another creative type and have any good ideas for displaying your dolls or any other collection for that matter, please post some pictures to give the rest of us ideas on displaying our collections.


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Sculpting a Polymer Clay Pony by SugarCharmShop

Here is a 3 part Video Tutorial by my favorite YouTuber, SugarCharmShop on how to sculpt a polymer clay horse. If you are a beginner sculptor, beginner polymer clay enthusiast, you need to subscribe to SugarCharmShop because she has the best sculpting videos on YouTube!

There is also no end to what she can sculpt. She has sculpted dolls, and miniatures, and I also noticed that she has two additional channels that I will be making time to investigate this coming week. She is multi-talented and has the sweetest and soothing voice as she takes you through the entire process.

Her techniques are especially good for beginners because every technique can be done by a brand new polymer clay artist. I hope you enjoy the videos below and if you haven’t already subscribed to SugarCharmShop’s YouTube Channel, here is a link to sign up now.


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How to Make Polymer Clay Doll Shoes by Akamerukawaii

Above is a FANTASTIC video by AkameruKawaii of YouTube, where she demonstrates how to make the most adorable doll shows. She starts by measuring the doll’s feet and then make a template in paper.

She sculpts one base and then she makes a silicone mold for it. Then she fills the silicone mold, which can take the heat of an oven, and filled it with polymer clay and then bakes it until it’s done.

She also demonstrates how to use bits of fabric and ribbon to decorate the shoes. They don’t have that “handmade” look that many doll shoes have. They look amazingly real. And AkameruKawaii’s techniques are translate-able to any sized doll.

Feel free to post any pictures below of your own creations!

If you want to visit AkameruKawaii’s YouTube Channel, here is a link to it!


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