Polymer Clay Jewelry – Kaitlin Doll Art Pendant


Found this beauty on google during a search.  Based on the size of the hanging bale, this appears to be enlarged so you can see the details.  This art pendant by Katalin is amazing.

This appears to be build on a clay backing and it is built up in layers.  The back wall, doorway and staircase are built and scaled to give the pendant a 3D dimensional look.  Let your eyes take in all of the details that Artist Katalin put into the background and how much time and meticulous placement this background entailed.

Next, the doll itself is wonderful.  Seems simple but if you look closely, the folds are exactly even on both sides — no easy task.  The hair is done with simple coils of clay but the placement and amount of curls is perfectly in scale with the rest of the piece.

The roses are beautiful and the scale is perfect.  Even at this tiny size, the petals are still all detailed and placement is perfect.

I cannot tell whether the pendant is coated in resin, but I would coat in resin to protect and strengthen the hair coils and the roses.

This piece of jewelry to me is more of an art piece than wearable art.  This would look stunning in a small frame with a textured background.

If you have any art pendants that you would like to share, please post below!

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Inspiration – Polymer Clay Cabochon Jewelry

Starting with a Round Shape:


When I see beautiful polymer clay jewelry, I quickly take a screen shot so I can share with everyone how creative jewelry clay artists can be.  This is one of the design types that I love:  It takes a simple design, with simple techniques, and with a few added elements and a few findings, the artist turns it into a piece of art.

This pendant starts off with a brass filigree background.  A green polymer clay cabochon is flattened a little bit and attached to the back.  Then tiny balls of purple, pink, white and green polymer clay are formed into petals and meticulously added and laid out in a floral pattern.

I cannot see from this picture, which is the only one I discovered on Pinterest, what shap is exactly in the middle, or it might be a small finding, but all together, it is beautiful.

The pendant is attached to what looks like cord and ribbons with a simple jump ring.  With an added macrame slip know tie in back, this can be worn at any length around the neck.  It’s just beautiful.

Earrings or Pendants:


Above is another example of simplicity turned into intricate artworks.  The cabochon on the right appears to be a pendant with the cords running through the cabochon.  However, the cabochon to the left is without cording.  Either way, this is another example of how clever polymer clay jewelry artists can be.

This cabochon appears to be made from red polymer clay, and has stamped etchings into the clay, creating a textured pattern on top.  I cannot tell whether the artist used freehand drawing to make the textured lines or whether it was done with a stamp.  Either way, it really adds to the design.

Next there are little flowers and shapes added on top.  Then it appears that there was black paint or ink applied to give the shapes more definition.

What I love is the simplicity of it all, but how it ends up being quite detailed with so much to focus on.

My Favorite Cabochons:


The cabochons above are my favorites.  Once again, simplicity elevated to an art form.  These cabochons are either glass or clear resin.  The setting are hand made from polymer clay coils and tiny beads.  These are so beautiful and they are so creative.

I am guessing at how I would go about making them, and I plan to make them soon, but it looks like the clear cabochons do not have a “clay backing”.  So I would start with a rectangle of clay and cut out the shape of the cabochon.  Then I would build up the coils around the edges of the cabochons and then cut out the clay backing to match it.

When I make my own, I will be sure to post a video and instructions.


jewelry push mold oval shapes

Jewelry Push Mold – Oval Shapes

Here is a jewelry mold to make oval shapes available in the online store.


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Sculpting a Baby’s Face by Krista Robinson


I cannot resist Sculpting Pictorials like this one by Krista Robertson showing the stages of sculpting a baby’s face.  When I was learning to sculpt (which I still am), I loved findings pictorials like this one.  I believe nothing helps the beginner more than seeing the progress of a sculpt from start to finish.

This one in particular is great for teaching a beginner doll maker about the scale of the features, as well as how to sculpt a face without adding any new clay.  This shows how to move the clay into the shape of a baby’s face.

One exercise for beginners is to print out the pictorial sheet and sit with a ball of polymer clay and your dental tool and see if you can follow the instructions.  You will learn so much from this exercise; you will see amazing improvements in your sculpting.

Below is a tiny fairy that was also sculpted by Krista.  The features are simple and yet it makes for a striking sculpture.  I especially love the “pebbles” hairstyle and the translucent wings.

Look at lovely the simple arms and hands are.  The pose couldn’t be simpler, but see how realistic it is.

Everything matches, the green dress has a yellow hue to it, which matches her hair and even the translucency has a greenish yellow cast to it.

Beautiful work by Krista Robinson.


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Sculpted Hands by Diane Keeler

diane keeler hands

These hands were sculpted by polymer clay doll artist Diane Keeler.  Look at how real they look.  The scale is perfect.  How did she do the fingernails?  The French manicure?  Can you see how tiny the nails are and yet how much detail she has sculpted into them?  Unbelievable!

These hands are from a class Diane has taught.  She has several classes that she teaches.  You can see the list of them here.


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Papagena OOAK art doll by Alexander Mergold





Papagena OOAK art doll The Magic Flute fine art doll collectible polymer clay OGLD ADO

Have a look at this beautiful OOAK Art Doll creation by Artist Alexander Mergold.  He sculpts the dolls from scratch using polymer clay.  The figurine is 17 inches tall and is named “Papagena”.

I especially like the blushing of the hands.  They seem so real, so human like.  The hat also is extraordinary.  The hat looks like it has been knit or crocheted for the doll; yet, at 17 inches high, the stitch looks so much in scale, I think the hat might be made of clay or fabric, made to mimic a knit material.  However it is made, it is wonderful.

Even the base is great.  The muted painting gives it a marble look and blends perfectly with the colors of the doll’s clothing. Exquisite.

This OOAK piece is $850 and can be purchased here.


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