Pinterest Favorites – Frost Queen


Above is the “Frost Queen” that I saw on Deviant Art.  The doll is perfectly sculpted, perfectly posed and perfectly painted.  Look at the details on the toes, and in particular, see how the artist blushes between the toes and between the fingers.

The artist adds glitter along the tulle-like dress that starts out being glued to the doll’s body and then cascades into a pose of its own at the bottom of  the piece.

The doll’s face is painted with the subtlest of paints, and the eyes are done in a subtle darkness to give her a very dramatic look.  The lips are perfect; they look pouty and yet not “lipsticked”.  Beautiful.  Masterful.

I also love the glitter headpiece, that looks pretty simple, perfectly scaled, but I can’t tell how the artist did it.  In any event, it looks fantastic.  The hair is perfectly applied and each curl is individual and perfectly scaled.  This appears to be natural lamb or angora.


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Pinterest Favorites – 2 OOAK Fairies


This is a gorgeous fairy by Artist Forest Rogers.  The whole theme of the piece is perfectly scaled and perfected color coordinated.  Both the tree limb seating and her hair add to the “windswept” look of the whole piece.  Her pose is proud but pensive.  Her features are so beautiful, the whole art piece is magnificent.

011916-forgottenhearts-comThis fairy is by Forgotten Hearts.  Once again, the artist’s pose is so dainty and her hair matches her wings in color, scale and even the texture is complimentary.

She is photographed on  a tree branch and the setting shows her small size and daintiness.

I am so curious about the hair, even the curls are the tiniest I have ever seen. Notice how they work with the scale of the piece.


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Doll Head & Hands Project – Part 10


OIOAK art doll painted faceUsing acrylic paints and tiny liner brushes, I painted the doll’s face.  I cover in detail how to use blending gel, cosmetic sponge and tiny liner brushes and paint the entire doll in my DVDs that are available in my online store.


Once the doll’s face is dry, it is time to paint the doll in resin.  I use a two-part resin that is available in Michael’s or Home Depot.  I mix up one plastic spoon full of Part A and Part B, and mix together in a dixie cup.  Then using a disposable paintbrush, I coat one side of the doll first.  Allow to dry overnight.  Then I mix up another batch of resin and coat the doll a second time.  Allow to dry for another 24 hours.


OOAK-doll-hairI recommend using mohair for the hair.  I recommend 100 mohair yarn for beginners.  The angora hair used on professional dolls is quit expensive, so in the beginning, you might want to use the mohair yarn until you get proficient in making dolls.

Using a glue gun, add strands onto the doll’s head, all “pointing to” the crown of the head, so you can gather up into a bun when done.

I used one of the strings in the yarn to tie the hair into a ponytail on the top of the doll’s head.  Wrap the long ends around into a bun and secure with glue.  Hold until the glue dries and it is secure.

Below are Pictures of the doll after completion.  I hope you enjoyed the project.  Be sure to post pictures of your projects below so we can all see them.


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Doll Head & Hands Mold Project – Part 9


Add the section of the arms that need to be filled in.  Try to get it as smooth as you can because it will be a little tricky scraping and sanding.

Then add a ribbed collar and shoulder cuffs onto the body suit to give the doll the look of a tight-fitting sweater.

Half bake the doll and allow to fully cool.

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Doll Head & Hands Mold Project – Part 8



Add the doll hands onto the arm armature wires and half bake to harden.

While the area is still accessible, and using pink clay, add a layer of clay to create a pink body suit.  You can, of course, us another color, if you have it on hand.

If you don’t have another color, you can make the body suit out of the same clay as you are sculpting in, and you can paint the body suit later.

I would up having to make new hands because the first ones I made didn’t have the “curve” that I needed to wrap them around the knees.  The only took a few minutes, but they fit better onto the wires.

Add the hands and wrap around the knees, tape with strips of paper and half bake.   You can see the doll taped into place in the above pictures.


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