How to Sculpt a Fairy Ear by Fairiesnmypond

Sculpting Techniques:
Here is a video by FairiesNMyPond where she demonstrates how to make fairy ears. It’s about 25 minutes long, and I would recommend it to a beginner who likes to see every little thing about how other artists sculpt.

FairiesNMyPond has lots of videos about doll sculpting and if you would like to go to her YouTube Channel, click here.

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Pinterest Favorites – 906 Plus Pins – Mermaids, Fairies & OOAk DOlls


906 Pins of Inspiration!

Click above to have a look at a Pinterest Board with 906 pictures of fairies, mermaids and art dolls put together by Gina Pennington.  She has been very selective in her inclusion and each of the pins is exquisite.

Be sure to post your Pinterest favorites so we can all have a look at more OOAK art dolls.


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Faux Stone Jewelry with Polymer Clay by Vanessa Brady

Faux Stone – Polymer Clay and Dryer Lint

“Wow” is all I can say.  Well, maybe “why didn’t I think of this” is something else I could say after seeing this new technique by Vanessa Brady.  She blends dryer lint with polymer clay and it makes a very realistic stone texture. This is much more durable than making stones in plaster and scraping them, because the polymer clay is much harder and more durable over the long term.

This technique could easily be used in backdrops and doll stages and I thought I would post a few pictures with a link to Vanessa’s full tutorial on this technique.

dryer-lint-polymer-clay lint-mixed-with-clay lint-faux-stones

Check out the Full Tutorial:

If you would like to see Vanessa’s full tutorial on how to make the faux stone clay and how Vanessa makes the heart pendant pictured above, click here.

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OOAK Meadow Fae by Kathy Davis


Above is OOAK Art doll “Meadow Fae” by Artist Kathy Davis, which I discovered in my daily search for beautiful OOAK art dolls.  I love this doll for several reasons.  One is because it is simple but beautiful.  The appeal of this doll is in her expression.  By tilting her head up, open wide-eyed look with those beautiful blue eyes, the chubby “smiling” cheeks, and the slightly tipped-up lips, her expression shows innocence and joy.

The pose is simple and the scale is perfect.  Her outfit appears to be made of moss, silk leaves and tiny flowers.  I especially like the off-the-shoulder neckline, which adds to the pixie-ish look of the fairy.

Her wings are definitely handmade and I cannot tell how they are done, but they are in scale with her outfit and they are “casual” in their appearance, which adds to but doesn’t overwhelm the focal point of the doll, which is her facial expression.

Her wreath of flowers in her hair and the casual tendrils falling down in uneven lengths, to me, shows the artist flair of the artist, Kathy Davis,  and her own eye for artistic design.


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Art Show Display Idea


Here is an example of a very clever art show display.  This is also an example of what a “collection of similar dolls” looks like.  Fimo Artist Anatello ha all of her dolls displayed on “display chairs”.  The chairs look like boxes with the chair back on them.  I cannot tell how this was done, but it is very, very effective.  It shows all of the dolls and unites them as a collection, and also shows how different each one is.

Those of you who will be getting ready for your first art show, you will be looking for inexpensive ways of displaying your work and this is why I chose this for my blogging subject today.  This is a great way to present the art work.

Atonella has also used a small shelf to raise up the back row of dolls so they can be seen by anyone walking by and they can all be photographed together, as you can see above.

This collection of chibi dolls is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it.  If you want to see Atonella’s site, click here.

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