Jack Sparrow (inspired) Miniature | Pirates Of The Caribbean

Another Amazing Sculpting Project with SugarCharmShop:

Jack Sparrow Inspired Miniature:

SugarCharmShop begins with a ball of clay and sculpts this character from scratch.  For beginner sculptors out there, this is a great video, and SugarCharmShop is a great artist to follow on YouTube because she can sculpt anything.

It is VERY HARD to make a likeness in clay and you can see from the video picture above that the finished character bust looks EXACTLY like Johnny Depp in his Jack Sparrow character.

You can see every aspect of sculpting in this video:

  • Forming the features
  • Inserting the eyes
  • Forming the mouth
  • Shading with pastel powders
  • Painting with acrylics
  • Creating a mustache and beard
  • Creating dreadlocks
  • Applying the hair to the head
  • Creating the hat out of leather and fabric — without a pattern
  • Distressing the hat and giving the character that “pirate-look”

SugarCharmShop is really a master sculptor. The most fascinating part to see, as a sculptor myself, is how she does all of this with long beautiful nails!  If I have one nail 1/16th of an inch too long, I wind up with nail marks in everything!

Below you can see screen shots from this video that may be helpful if you attempt to recreate this character while honing your own sculpting skills.

sugarcharmshop-portraitAs you can see, there are many steps in creating the full character bust, but this video by SugarCharmShop makes these steps look do-able.  SugarCharmShop is an amazing artist and you should subscribe to her channel on YouTube to catch her older projects you missed and see her future projects as soon as they come out.

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Polymer Clay Jewelry – DIY Gold Earrings – with Mo Clay

Another Great MoClay Project on YouTube:

When I first saw these earrings, I assumed the gold sections were jewelry findings because they appear so perfect.  I thought the red dots were the polymer clay part.  Not so!  These are made from a hand-drawn pattern by MoClay, and tediously cut out of gold polymer clay.  MoClay gently “tugs” the holes into the center sections and manages to get them to look perfect, as usual.

Then the red circles are meticulously cut out of flattened red polymer clay and gently inserted into the center sections as seen above.  Then the jump rings are attached and the earrings are baked to finish.  They are really usual and look so professional.

For those of you who love polymer clay jewelry projects, like I do, be sure to subscribe to MoClay on YouTube because her projects and tutorials are all fantastic.

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Polymer Clay Jewelry – Image Transfers – Inspirations from Pinterest

How to Make an Easy Image Transfer to capture Great Colors:

I seem to be focused this week on polymer clay jewelry.  My inspiration always begins on Pinterest, which I visit at least once a day.  The type of creativity that I see on Pinterest is like nothing I have ever seen before!  Above is a video I made awhile ago on how to make polymer clay transfers with slivers of white half-baked clay, tshirt transfer paper, graphics of your chose, and a home iron.

I tried many, many techniques to do image transfer on polymer clay, but was always unhappy with the “dulling” of the colors that occurred.  This technique allows you to transfer the colors identical to the way they appear in your graphic.

Image transfers make great pendants as can be seen by 3 inspirational pieces I saw today on Pinterest:


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Pinterest Favorites – Beautiful Eye Jewelry


Above you can see what a few artists have done with the theme of eyes and polymer clay jewelry.  My favorite is the center pendant, but the cat eyes on the left and right are also gorgeous.

I’m completely guessing at how they made these, but I assume they started out with either a hand-painted polymer clay eye, or a glass eye purchased somewhere else.  They wrapped the eye in a lid formation, with various textures and tiny leaves, dots and petals.

I published the following book for beginning polymer clay artists and it goes into detail about how to make a clay backing, embed the hooks and this wold be easy enough if you have your own ideas for a unique eyelid design.  Also posted blow is my Flexible Push Mold for Large Doll Eyes in case you want to make your own human or cat eye polymer clay jewelry.


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Sculpting Tutorial with CertainlyCaroline – Mermaid

DIY Polymer Clay Mermaid Art Doll by CertainlyCaroline


Below are links to CertainlyCaroline’s Sculpting a Mermaid Tutorial on YouTube.  It is sculpted and explained in Part One and Part Two.  CertainlyCaroline goes into a lot of details and shares how she sculpts a head from scratch and also how she uses a push mold to make a face for those of you who are beginners or who like the easy of starting with a molded face.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Caroline has many unique sculpting techniques.  I especially liked how she detailed the eyes and she went into a lot of detail on how she sculpts the fingers and then attaches them once the mermaid body is done.

Caroline uses Genesis Paints and the doll’s hair is made of Tibetan Lamb Hair, and she indicated it was “pink”.  I especially like the way she did the top of the hair using glue and making a very convincing center part.

I though the eyes were glass eyes and were inserted during the sculpt, but to my amazement, and I am sure yours too, the eyes are fully sculpted from scratch.  Caroline has a master artist’s touch as you will see when she shows you the details of how she sculpts and sands the intricate parts of the doll.  I would have broken the fingers off 5 minutes into it.  You can tell the pros when you see them.

CertainlyCaroline has done a separate video on painting the doll’s face, and you can see it here:

How to Paint a Doll’s Face:

Caroline has a store on Etsy and I see at least one mermaid is available for sale at this time.  Be sure to check back and see what she has to offer in the future.  Check out CertainlyCaroline’s YouTube Channel here!

Thanks Caroline for sharing your sculpting videos with us!



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