Baby Faces Pictorial by Julie Carpenter

Baby Facial Expressions:



I came across a video of a Pictorial by Julie Carpenter  This is another great video for polymer clay doll artists, especially beginners, because you can learn a lot by seeing the different doll face expressions, especially side-by-side.

Julie has put together a pictorial on video where she shares each of the different stages in some of the dolls above.  Learning how to sculpt an open mouth, a tongue, and the different eyebrow expressions is priceless and these are some of the sculpting traits that separate the great dolls from the plain dolls.



You can also see lots of close-up shows of body parts, like the baby foot snapshot I took from the actual video.  Even the toes have expressions!  This video is a must see for beginner sculptors and can also teach different techniques to seasoned sculptors too.

You can see the entire video below.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you sculpt any dolls using any of these techniques, feel free to post in the comments below and show us some pictures!

If you would like to see and/or subscribe to Julie Carpenter’s YouTube Channel, you can access it here.  


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OOAK Dolls by Tanya Abaimova

Tanyas Dolls – Gallery Examples by TANYA ABAIMOVA



Above is one example from Tanya’s website where you can see her polymer clay ball jointed dolls up close.  This doll is so well-balanced in the sculpt that she stands on her own.  That’s the true test of a great ball jointed and weighted doll.

The costuming is also perfectly scaled.  I particularly love the adorable “over-bite” or what we used to call “buck teeth”.  It adds such a sweet innocent appeal to the overall doll sculpt.


Above is another example of Tanya’s work.  This is my idea of a true character doll.  The whole sculpt is not only pleasing to the eye, not only perfectly scaled, but the embellishments help to tell a full story.  I love the holiday walking stick that appears to be a big icicle with a holiday decoration on top.  Very original and clever.   It’s also a Black Santa, which you almost never see.

tanya-doll-twoAnd here is another example of Tanya’s detailed character doll work.  The beading on this dress appears to have been done after the doll’s outfit was constructed.  If it wasn’t, the way Tanya cut the fabric to create this illusion that it was beaded after the fact is almost more skilled than the beading work itself.

The headdress is perfectly scaled, as are the tassels that cascade down the sides of the doll’s head and face.  This is no easy task, by the way, for anyone who doesn’t know.  Just finding the materials that are small enough to not throw the entire doll out of scale is a mission all in itself.

A Little Bit About Tanya:

Tanya has been sculpting and dressing character art dolls since the early 2000s.  She sculpts almost exclusively in Polymer clay, at least it is her favorite.  She is an award-winning doll maker and a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.

Her dolls can be found in private doll collections all around the world.  For our newbies out there, the first thing that you need to conquer when “going professional” is getting the doll scale right.  That’s the first thing that needs to be perfect in order to be considered to be shown in a museum or doll collection.

Tanya Abaimova’s Doll Purchases:


Her dolls are available from her online gallery which you can see here.



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Tutorials – Sculpting a Doll Head and Doll Eyes

Two Great Sculpting Videos from Fairies in my Pond:



Found two great sculpting videos, especially for beginners.  Watch as FairysinMyPond teaches you how to scuplpt a doll head and the second one is another technique on how to make Doll Eyes.  Great tutorial. The Artist behind FairysnMyPond is Barbara England.  You can see her blog here.

If you would like to check out FairysNMyPond’s YouTube Channel, where there are many more tutorials, have a look here.

How to Sculpt a Doll Head:


Below is the video where Barbara demonstrates how to make Doll Eyes with polymer clay, pastel chalk, resin gloss and some sparkles.  Very interesting technique.

We have already talked about how important it is to learn as many techniques as possible in order to find the best ones for us.  This is another technique that I have never seen before.

How to Make Doll Eyes

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Jewelry Making Tutorial – Sea-Sponge Pendant

Polymer Clay Jewelry Textures:


When I first saw this pendant, it struck me as very complicated.  I couldn’t tell how it was done by looking at it.  It appeasr that all of the “spongy holes” were individually sculpted, doesn’t it?  Well, luckily, there was a video, posted below, where the artist behind Polymer Claus demonstrates how easy it really is.

I am seeing more and more “shells” show up in doll making stages and in jewelry projects, and knowing how to create this spongy texture is a must.

Learn How to Make the Sea Sponge Texture in Polymer Clay:

She has many different texture, cane and general jewelry videos that you might want to check out.  Below is a snapshot of just a few of them.  If you want to check out Polymer Claus’ entire Video library, be sure to visit her YouTube Channel here.





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Inspiration – Real World Fairy Gazebo


Can you believe someone actually made this?

I came across this article on, and decided to post it. It was posted by someone who says his friend made this. There are some other furniture pieces and a dog house that show an unbelievable workmanship, something you don’t see much these days. Whoever made these items is what they used to call a master craftman.

If you want to see the rest of his items, click here.

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