Ballerina Push Mold Project – Part 7


Each doll will be posed on a different stage.  You can use a simple square of wood, a chair, or some other stage that you create along with the doll.

This was a stage that I had created in the past and it needed a new doll, so I am using this one.  This was is build on a plaster base, and I buildup this “tree stump” and “forest ground” using water putty.  I cover this in a tutorial that is included with all of my doll making kits.

At this point, to prevent any chipping, especially because of the plaster base, I am going to coat the stage with resin.


You will need:

  • plastic gloves
  • plastic cup
  • two plastic spoons
  • sharpie marker
  • newspaper to protect your table.
  • Acrylic resin (Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)
  • Throw-away paint brush


Draw a circle in the center of each of the spoons, making sure the circles are even.  Put on your plastic gloves.  Then pour each part of the resin onto the spoon, filling in the circle.  Then combine them in the plastic cup and stir until they are mixed well.

Then using the throw-away paint brush, brush on a coat of resin onto the surface of your stage.  Be careful of any drip marks.  This will need to dry overnight.  I live in Florida where it is humid, and it needs two days to dry completely.

If you do not want or like the shine that the resin leaves, coat the resin with ModPodge in matt finish.  This was dull-down the shine considerably.  If you want to dull it down even, more wipe on a coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax (Home Depot or Lowes).


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