Ballerina Push Mold Project – Part 2

ballerina-strapped-in-5We left off at adding the lower torso onto the armature wire, and posing the doll in her ultimate stage.  Because the stage might not be oven safe, I found a small tart pan that was the same height from the ground and am using that to bake the doll at this point.

I had already formed the feet, head and hands on separate toothpicks so I could get in really close and do a very detailed sculpting on them.  They were also baked separately.

I added the feet to the base of the legs to make sure I have the scale of the legs right as well as enough room to pose the entire leg when we are done.

Using strips of paper and scotch tape, I have seat-belted the lower torso into place and she will go into the oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes.  If your own is preheated, you only need to put her in for 10 minutes.

I allow the lower torso to cool completely before I work on her anymore.


After the bottom is fully cooled, I added the top of the torso onto the armature wire.  I added the head to make sure the scale was good.  Notice that I also ran a toothpick through the arm area and wiggled it to make sure I can pass the arms armature wire through the torso later in the project.

Again, using strips of paper, I have seat-belted the doll safely for baking.  I have what I can only call a “baking contraption” that I have created through the years so I can seat-belt and hold the doll in various places.  If you look closely, I have the doll secured around her hips and also I have her head tethered to a metal book end (oven safe) so that she doesn’t fall over during the baking.

Once again, I will allow her to fully cool, before I move on in the project.


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