Ballerina Push Mold Project – Part 11

ballerina-beads-on-skirt1 The Ballerina Skirt:

Put on both skirt parts that we prepared in a previous lesson and pull the gathering strings tight.  With a glue gun, secure the skirt onto the doll an gluing into place.

In order to cover the gathering strings and to add a little pizzazz to the costume, I added some glass beads onto the top of the skirt.


I prepared the doll hair bundles and applied them with a glue gun.  I then braided the hair into a long braid, tying it off with a thin, piece of the hair.

I might change the hair on this doll because the “yellow” doesn’t blend that well with the pink of the costuming.  But I was anxious to finish the project for the photo session.


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