Ballerina Project 2 – Part 2


Ballerina-Project-2-armature-channelFor this project, we will again be using the doll parts in sections.   Once you fill the doll mold, remove both sides (front and back) separately.

Using the dental tool, carve in a channel that will be big enough on one leg to encase the bamboo skewer, and big enough on the other side to encase the twisted armature wire.

If you need to see a video on how to make the twisted wire armature, you can view it here.

The picture to the upper left shows the white twisted armature wire in one side of the leg with tiny pads of clay on top holding it in.  The other leg shows the wider channel thatWh will encase the bamboo skewer.

Ballerina-Project-2-channel-in-upper-torsoWhile you are dragging in the armature wire channels in the lower leg sections, you can drag in channels for the spinal wire as well as the arm wires.

As you can see from this picture, the arms have also been cut off and they will be applied separately in another part of the project.

Ballerina-Project-2-smooth-both-legs-and-poseAdd the leg onto the skewer and bend the wired leg into position.  Smooth the leg out and form the feet into a ballet-shoe shape.  I used the dental tool to add a shoe top line into the clay.  This will be painted into a shoe later when the doll is fully baked.

Once the legs are both formed, be sure to twist the leg on the skewer to make sure that you can remove the leg from the skewer at this point.

You can see that the skewer extends up into the torso section and I have the twisted wire wrapped around the skewer for a little added strength.


Each polymer clay manufacturer has a specific recommended temperature it recommends to fully cure the polymer clay.  We will be baking the doll several times before the final bake, so when I say to “half-bake” the doll, I mean to bake the doll at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes in a preheated oven or 15 minutes in a cool oven.  

Above you can see the doll from the front and the sides.  Once she is half-baked and cooled, we will move onto the upper torso.


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