Ballerina Project 2 – Part 3

Ballerina-Project-2-channel-in-upper-torsoTHE UPPER TORSO:

We left off in Part 2 where we added the legs onto the skewer and formed the ballet slippers.  We also added the upper torso channel that will remove enough clay so that the wooden skewer and the armature wire can fit between the front and back of the torso sections.

Be sure to add a channel to add a separate armature wire for the arms, which will be put on in the next section.

The mold makes tiny breasts, so I added a little padding to the breasts.  Smooth the upper torso onto the bottom torso.  I also poked a hole through the arm area and inserted the twisted arm armature as you can see in the picture above.

Once the torso is fully smoothed, you can half-bake the doll again and allow to fully cool.  Next we will add the arms.


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