Ballerina Project 2 – Part 4

Ballerina-Project-2-hands-arm-channelsARMS AND HANDS:

The arms and hands are also done separately, as you can see from the picture to the left.

Add a wire channel inside each side of the arms so you can easily put them onto the arm armature wife.  Then Ballerina-Project-2-smooth-arms-onto-wireBallerina-Project-2-smooth-arms-into-posesmooth them onto the wire and thin them out into nice arm shapes.  This is the time to pose the arms.

If you have extra clay, you can remove it.  Don’t worry so much about the shoulder area.  You can perfect the shoulder areas in the next sculpting session.

You can see how the ballerina is taking shape now.


Ballerina-Project-2-hands-on-toothpicksThe hands are done separately.  They are sculpted into hand shapes, posed and put on toothpicks for a half-bake.  Be sure to twirl the toothpick so that it is removable so you can add the hands onto the ends of the arms.

Be sure to make the hand poses believable on both hands.  Once the hands are half-baked, you can scrape the wrist areas very thin so that when you attach onto the arm armature wire, you can connect both with fresh clay.


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