Ballerina Project 2 – Part 5

Ballerina-Project-2-apply-ears-onto-headBALLERINA HEAD & EARS:

Smooth out the ballerina head from the mold, and emphasize the features from the mold, poke nostril holes into the bottom of the nose, cut the lips apart with your xacto knife and put in two holes in the sides of the head in order to apply the ears after the first half-bake.


Then add the ears onto the half-baked head, and using your dental tool, impress in the ear channels.  You may have to cut some of the ear off if it is too big.  Since the head will be hard, it will be easier to form the ears while you do not have to worry about squishing the facial features.

If you have any problems with the ears sticking to the sides of the head, use a little Liquid Sculpey as glue to apply the ears.  This will hold the ears in place and help with a good and solid attachment.

Once the ears are applied, half bake the doll head again.  Be sure that you have poked a tooth pick hold into the head from the neck area so that there will be a hole present in order to attach the head onto the top of the ballerina body.


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