Pinterest Favorites – Baby Fairies by Various Artists


If you are looking for polymer clay baby fairy inspiration, look no further than Pinterest. Everyday I see more and more absolutely masterful baby fairy sculptures by wonderful artists. As any Pinterest aficionado knows, the pictures are pinned all around on many, many boards and the actual artist name is lost. Above you will see three of my favorites for this week.

Each one is a “sleeping” baby fairy.  This would be the easiest for beginner sculptors.  The poses for each of the baby fairies are also very easy and very natural looking.  For anyone who has fallen in love with polymer clay doll sculpting, starting with the baby fairy is the easiest way to go.

If you want to learn quickly, I sell a Baby Fairy Deluxe Beginners Kit on and you get everything you need in the kit:

  • Polymer Clay
  • Sculpting tools
  • Baby Fairy Push Mold
  • Two extra faces — one of which is a “sleeping” baby
  • Printable butterfly wings & cicada wings (they print on shipping labels!)
  • Armature wire
  • Bag of various color mohair wool for hair
  • Online Course on making and posing polymer clay dolls
  • 2 hour DVD that covers everything about making, posing, painting, wigging & winging your Baby Fairies.

baby fairy deluxe kitbaby fairy deluxe beginners kit
baby fairy push moldbaby fairy push mold extra faces

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