Polymer Clay Orange Blossom Hair Pin Ornament Tutorial

Orange Blossom Hair Pin Ornament:

This is another really sweet polymer clay hair ornament.  This made me think immediately of weddings and proms.  Having done hair for a time in my life,  knowing how to “decorate” the hair of a bride can be very challenging.  By making your own hair ornaments, you  can control the size, dimension and color of any hair ornament.  These would really dress up any updo and link the hair and dress in color.

This video is not in English and I cannot recognize what language it is, but you can watch Celidonia make the ornament in real time and know exactly what to do.  She even show the foil armatures she creates and uses in making and holding the intricate shapes.

Talking Rabbit

When the video opens, there is the most adorable talking rabbit.  I saw somewhere on the screen or under the video the mention of a website called http://www3.motionportrait.com/ where there is technology that will move any picture.

I haven’t taken the time to fully investigate this, but the little bunny that Celidonia has on her video is so cute, it would be worth the effort to find out how she does this.  It’s adorable.

Here is a link to Celidonia’s Studio:  Celidonia Studio

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