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White Gothic Studios

White Gothic Studios

Polymer Clay has been my passion for a long time now.  I started making porcelain dolls, but soon graduated to the instant gratification of polymer clay dolls.

White Gothic Studios is the business I started some years ago selling doll molds, dolls, and learning videos.

I decided to do a blog so I can show more projects from start to finish.  I have less time in recent years to devote myself to my mold business, so this format is much easier for me to keep up with.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Regina Edmonds, Craft Designer

Regina Edmonds

I live in Florida and also work as a web designer, both very creative work that I love doing.

There are many tutorials on the blog having to do with making polymer clay dolls using my push molds or making OOAK polymer clay art dolls.  Be sure to check back periodically as I am always uploading something new.

Anyway, thank you all for checking out my About Me page.  I hope you enjoy stopping by now and again.


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  1. nancy247 says:

    Your story is very special and I hope you all the best. I love your spirit and soul!! Thank you for your talent and creativity… Nancy

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