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Push Molds

Dollhouse Scale


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Jewelry Molds


Catalogue of Push or Pour Molds

11 Inch Fashion Doll Molds

3 part Head Mold
Torso Mold
Legs/High Heels Mold
Arms Mold

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11 Inch Fashion Doll Molds

11 Inch Fashion Doll Molds

Make Bridal Dolls, Fashion Dolls or Storybook Dolls


gown doll push or pour molds

gown doll molds

Gown Doll Mold Set
Neck/Torso/Gown Mold
Arms Mold
3 part head mold

gown doll finished


fairy bella raw parts

Fairy Bella Push or Pour Mold Set

Head/Torso Mold
Arms Mold
Legs (with feet and toes) Mold

bella put together

Fairy Bella is put together with chenille stems and glue or water putty. No stringing needed. If you make her from Flumo Air Dry Casting slip, there is no kiln needed.
bella finished


Liter of Flumo Air Dry Ceramic Slip

One Liter of Flumo


Flumo Gallon


One Gallon of Flumo